Reviews for The Seductive Spider-Harem

BY : Rubicon_Cross

  • From Akud on February 27, 2019

    God, I love this story. It's so rare to see someone who writes about Spider-Man in the present tense (instead of the Ultimate or MCU versions). And you're pretty freaking recent with it too. You give a real hard look at Peter Parker and his and MJ's relationship. I didn't even think of how actually selfish she is until you pointed it out, busy as I am constantly hoping they'll get back together and stay together this time. Taught me a lot of stuff I didn't know about Iron Man, too. This story is too real, and I love it! Hopefully there's more on the way.

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  • From Shadow-Of-The-Guardian on February 06, 2019

    Read all the chapters up to this point and gotta say, a refreshing take on the idea of Peter Parker having a harem.  I definitely like the fact you're using Djinn instead of Genie, going against mainstream pop culture ideas and giving it a sense of realism that's sometimes sorely missed.  Also, the back story with Iron Man, the detail you went into in explaining Peter's character and how he would confront the situation that he's in along with all the girls that know him best and their own personal reactions, the attention to detail is impressive and really give the story a feel that it's more than just a lemon fic.  I definitely look forward to see what you've got planned for the future of this story.

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  • From VaultHunter18 on January 21, 2019

    Chapter 1

    Well now, color me intrigued the classic genie/djinn story and our favorite wallcrawler gains her.. Parker Luck you might be getting kicked in the family jewels. So here's hoping for Peter supercharging his beloved girls and getting a few villainess go good (well semi-good) before bedtime (lol). Well I got more chapters to read.

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  • From BonesMcSkeleton on January 20, 2019

    Great story I can't wait to read more.

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  • From AnansiScribe on January 18, 2019

    Seductive, sensual, voluptuous, amorous . . . I could go on, but I really, really loved this story. Hopefully there's more to come, but even if there isn't, I love what you've done here, not just with the sex, but with the amazing amounts of character development and exploration you've packed into this story for Peter, for MJ, for Gwen, for even the likes of Tony Stark, Robbie Robertson, and J. Jonah Jameson. For the first time, I think I've read someone who not only fully understands, but is willing to use all of the history of the characters involved, both good and bad, like Sins Past or Peter's own poor judgment and flawed sense of ethics, or even the compare-and-contrast between Tony and Peter or Jameson and Robbie. All really good, insightful stuff about the characters couched within a Spider-Harem fic. What an amazing, astonishing accomplishment. I am genuinely awed by this, and I really hope to see more sometime in the future.

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