Reviews for Don't Cross the Boss

BY : DarkWater

  • From JayDee on February 27, 2019

    It’s got a bunch of tags I like, so when I saw this after your review I figured I’d give it a try! One thought before I even read the story, given his origin in Spider-Man and close association with the character would you be better having it in the Spiderman subcategory rather than the no category yet section? I know I think Peter Parker when I hear the name Osborn!

    After reading it – you got all the elements of a good rape/power fantasy scene there. Just enough violence for control without permanent damage with the slaps and backhands, and spanking and a whole range of positions. The breath play where he only just released her in time was especially hot, and also pulling her hair back so she tells him it hurts.

    The ending there kind of suggests that rather than speak to HR she’s going to go back for more?

    Favorite line “He was like a man possessed at this point, yanking her head to the side and practically devouring her throat with kisses and bites.”

    Also, right at the end, you were asking for a reaction before deciding if you put up/write more. AFF folks will read but not always review, especially with some of the more extreme themes, if you like writing and sharing stuff sometimes it’s best to just write what you like and stick it out there.

    Good luck with your future stories!

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  • From SailorNemesis on December 02, 2018

    Good rape scene, hope to read more

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