Reviews for Chicks Dig the Fuzzy Dude

BY : DrunkenScotsman

  • From Daye on January 06, 2018

    I really enjoyed the middle part of this chapter. There is a little bit of artisitc license in Kurt's fur resisting Rogue's power but otherwise it's a really cute outing. It really makes sense which bits of him are furry and which aren't and adds and interesting dimension to the whole account as the parts of him he most wants to be able to touch with he can't.

    More saddened that both Jean and Rogue eventually ditch him. Especially Rogue here seems a bit cruel.  But given the format and the desire to keep close to canon rather than Kurt having a harem or something silly it makes sense.


    Again I do love the main scene in this chapter, the wonder and exploration of touch giving way to some steamy, sexy times is very hot and well written.

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  • From MarvelMaster616 on January 01, 2018

    Sorry it took me a while to review this, but it's still worth reviewing. I really enjoyed this. Like the last chapter, it didn't try to be too serious or dramatic. It was just a fun, sexy story between a couple of a characters who don't really get many opportunities for that sort of thing. Rogue/Kurt is one of those odd-ball pairings that some avoid because of their family connections, but people forget they aren't realted by blood. So I don't think it's too big a deal that they hook up.

    The way you handled it here was perfect. It was before they knew their connection. It had them in a situation where they could just let loose for a bit and have some fun. As always, you captured all those sexy moments very well. And that little bit at the end was just hilarious.

    Again, great little story here. Keep up the excellent work!

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  • From Daye on September 06, 2017

    Oh this was a really fun fic! The title really suits the playful tone. Jean was a interesting choice for the first character, not a traditional Kurt pairing! I like the set up and the almost kiss during the class, clearly Jean was hoping Kurt would start something there.

    Very sexy scene with the voyeurism and Jean playing with herself and the visual descriptions were great! (And hot!)

    I was surprised when they went full on sex, but that was great too.

    Looking forward to this continuing! Will there be more Kurt/Jean or as the title implies will other chicks get a ride on the fuzzy dude?

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  • From Harbinger_Of_Kaos on September 05, 2017

    So is it each chapter has a different girl in different circumstances or will they be all connected?

    Who's next?

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  • From MarvelMaster616 on September 05, 2017

    Nice to see you in action again! Thanks for writing this. This was a fun little one-shot featuring a pairing that isn't very common. I would never guess Kurt and Jean could make much of a scene, but you proved me wrong! This was nicely written, well-detailed, and very sexy. I applaud your efforts, my friend. Keep up the good work! I hope you write more stories like this.

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