Reviews for The Red Queen Chronicles: The Surprise

BY : MarvelMaster616

  • From Greyclops on September 05, 2017

    Hope to see you start an xmen series again,maybe in an evolution universe!!!

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  • From Harbinger_Of_Kaos on August 22, 2017

    Good pairing, been a while since someone made one.

    So i figure you will do an X-men story next, could it involved Rogue getting involved with MJ and Pete, maybe have Raven come to ask MJ to help her daughter out and take part in the fun?

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  • From AnansiScribe on August 22, 2017

    If only this would have happened in canon, we could have avoided bullshit like Civil War II. Really, from reading your Red Queen series, it seems a lot of the problems of the Marvel Universe could have been avoided if the characters just got laid, and not just laid for the sake of it, but sex as therapy, sex as catharsis . . . That would have solved or avoided a lot of problems, helped get some perspective on things before they went completely off the rails. Alas, we have this wondrous piece of erotic fan fiction, and I thank you for creating it, especially since you pretty much revived my inner Carol Danvers/Peter Parker shipper. Oh, and the banter and interplay between all the characters was delightfully wicked, but I especially loved how poignant it got between Carol and Spider-Man, how they both bared more than just their bodies to each other. Yeah, Carol/Peter shipper all over, even if at heart I'm always going to be for Peter/Mary Jane, and I loved how supportive and helpful she was in facilitating Carol and Peter's get-together. My favorite superhero is such a lucky (and great) guy, and I thank you for depicting that, even if a bit more idealized than canon would have him. All in all, you did one hell of a job, and I'm gonna be looking forward to more of your fics whenever you get the chance to write and post them.

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