Reviews for The Red Queen Chronicles: The Spy

BY : MarvelMaster616

  • From AnansiScribe on April 21, 2017

    Yes, indeed. This was a great entry in the further adventures of the Red Queen and her Amazing Spider-Man. What I loved about this, compared to most others, is how much characterization you managed to intertwine with the sex, making it feel a lot more intimate and emotionally compelling. I've been a Spider-Widow shipper ever since finding out about that one arc of Marvel Team-Up, and this is to me the best a pairing between them has ever been done in fanfiction, erotic or otherwise. Kudos to you for that, and I am honestly looking forward to what might happen if the veil of anonymity separating Natasha from "Pete" ever gets lowered, as well as more adventures of the Red Queen and the Amazing Spider-Man saving the world and saving souls through awesome sex.

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  • From Harbinger_Of_Kaos on April 15, 2017

    Can't say i am not impressed, we got a rare pairing between him and Natasha that is very rarely seen in fanfics. Hope you do one with Black Cat though, would love to see how that triangle resolves itself or with Silver Sable who is kind of in the same boat as Natasha with her mercenary job and being the ruler of a small nation.


    If you do more of wonded women i would hope for She-Hulk, Carol Danvers and Rogue. I mean they are women have been burned by bad relationships as well as bad moments in their lifes that left their marks.

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