Reviews for Closet Hiding Spot

BY : TheChemist

  • From AnansiScribe on September 06, 2016

    Well, you've finally come to Spider-Man. Excellent, excellent. No, seriously, this was great work, and I've enjoyed your stuff for Smallville and Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and other comic-based series you've written fic for. It's just that Spider-Man is my absolute favorite comic book superhero, and so I feel like reviewing every story here I can. Also, Peter/Gwen from The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Most excellent choice there, too, and loved the attention you lavished on Gwen's ass in the narration, as yes, I do find it harder to not pay attention to Emma Stone's booty these days. Speaking of, I think I read your new Emma Stone story in the Celebrities section of this site some days ago, so great job there, too. Keep up the fine work.

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