Reviews for Blackmailing Mary Jane Parker

BY : NightCreeper

  • From ANON - Coyotepup4 on October 07, 2016

    Didn't like your ending.

    “No, Nick,” Peter grins, “But this is.”  With Spiderman’s speed, Nick never saw it coming.


    A few seconds later.


    “Hey Mary Jane, you forgot something,” the Redhead heard Peter cry and turns catches something tossed to her.


    “Aaahhhhhh,” she screams and drops it when she realizes she’s holding the recently torn off head of Nick Katzenberg with his manhood stuffed in his mouth.


    As they recover from the shock, Peter slams Norman Osborn into the wall with his full strength.


    “You never never hit like that before,” Osborn says trying to get up, bul sliding back.


    “Yeah, well, I was always holding back.”


    “Holding back.”


    “I was the hero, I’m not supposed to kill the villain,” Peter explains with a deadly grin, “From rough estimates, I have 10 your strength when you’re on your goblin juice which you’re not.”


    “I’ll tell the world…”


    “It’s very hard to do that without a head.”


    “I have safeguards.”

    “No, you don’t,” Peter replies, “Harry's always been more loyal to me than to you. I convinced him that you used identity theft and Nick’s help to steal my wife, his childhood friend.  With his building access and my shouldn't have wasted so much time fucking my wife.

    He even offered me a job, helping run Oscorp when we take you down.

    And those picture Nick took, just a company prank on old JJ.

    “And with the resources of Oscorp, we’ll clean up mine and Spiderman’s reputation in no time. In fact, he’ll believe this was the work of the Hobgoblin.”

    Norman Osborn didn’t get a chance to speak.

    Peter walks up to a trembling Mary Jane and grimps her jawline with two fingers.

    “My mouth is a lot more useful if my head is attached to my body,” the Redhead makes the case.

    “I’m sure it is, but you have a lot to make up for to Felecia, Gwen, and myself. You think it’s up for that,” he says feeling her up and down, “Wife status to slave status, understood?’

    She nods, smiling.


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  • From ANON - Albert on September 10, 2016

    What a horrible, horrible story.

    The premise itself is stupid as shit. The moment MJ knew about the guy having pictures of Peter? She'd have told him and they would have dealt with it together, as a team. Don't think that wouldn't happen.

    What was the point in writing all this? Does your micro-penis twitch when you get one over a fictional character?

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  • From MarvelMaster616 on February 25, 2016

    Great story! Had a wide variety of scenes. I wish some were a bit more fleshed out, but I like the style you used. Very blunt, very plain, and very sexy. Great job! Keep up the good work. I hope you do more Mary Jane stories. She's a character who is at her best when she's sexy as hell. lol

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