Reviews for Dark Marvels: X-Men

BY : Exodus

  • From Daye on January 26, 2012

    Ok, you've suddenly switched characters and started a new storyline with no apparent connection to the last one. You've switched from third person to first person. And your characters are all still unlikable.

    This fic is just too inconsistent and too unfocused.

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  • From Daye on January 13, 2012

    For a conclusion that's not very concludey. But I suppose its only the 'first issue'.

    You really really need some likable characters to be featured more prominent for this to work in my opinion. But maybe I'm missing the point of a dark fic.

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  • From Daye on January 07, 2012

    Well Dark Marvels, indeed.Its not so much the heroes are villains as just everyone's evil. Which kind of lead to me to ask, whats the point? If everyone's an evil bastard than there's no real reason for me to relate or care about any of them.

    Still the runaways (heh.) are not so bad. And one assumes Jubilee's going to recover some how or something. Given her imaginary friend, Xavier sensing an extra person and Beast finding that evidence of psychic tampering with her. Looks like really does have a guardian out there. Or at least someone using her to get to the X-Men.

    Hopefully its someone heroic who will ending up stopping them.

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  • From SexyLizard on January 01, 2012

    The scene where the X-Men talk about killing Jubilee is a definite Kick the Dog Moment.

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  • From AgentGv01 on December 24, 2011

    I really don't get what you're trying to do with this story. You said that all the Marvel heroes are villains but yet Jubilee, Dani and Tabitha don't really come across as villains maybe anti-human somewhat but that doesn't match up with your story summary. And who in the hell are the guys that took them they certainly aren't SHIELD as they wouldn't pull this stuff, this reads more like an FOH group that took them as that would actually make some sense.

    There is now way this is a legitimate government group for starters and you never even said who kidnapped them for this. Plus why are all the Marvel heroes villains or is it supposed to be only the X-Men that are? You're not very clear in your story and it really makes no sense at this point. The whole 'invisible friend' thing was kind of stupid I felt and unneeded. If this was a story about say the FOH kidnapping the X-Men one by one that would make some kind of sense.

    The start of this story doesn't really explain anything and you need the start to explain a few things at least, to ground the reader in your world as of now you're most likely the only person that understands what's going on. Personally I would start over from scratch and either explain the world in a way that makes sense or maybe change things up a bit. Because as it is now, it really doesn't make any sense, take this point for example. If this is a SHIELD unit, unless they were evil too then why is an evil organization in charge? This isn't exactly the HAMMER unit that Osborn created (another idea for a fic like this that makes more sense when Osborn was in charge and hunting down heroes) if EVERYONE is supposed to be a bad guy why should we feel anything for anyone in this story?

    If these girls are villains then it lessens the impact of feeling sorry for them, plus are all the villains in canon heroes in this universe? I wasn't too sure on that part as that Spider-Man, Black Cat and Doctor Otocpus it wasn't too clear on what that was about as we don't know if that's what actually happened or the Bugle just being the Bugle. Basically if the X-Men are an evil group of mutants in this story, maybe you should have started with them and explain why they are as this feels like we jumped into the middle of a story not the start of one.

    If this was just a PWP story I wouldn't care but since you're actually trying to have plot, you should try and make the plot make sense in the future.

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  • From SexyLizard on December 17, 2011

    I am quite enjoying this story, and want to find out what happens to Jubilee (and what Dark Storm and the other alternate X-Ladies are like).
    Please continue.

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