Reviews for X-Men: Birthday Bash


  • From ANON - Panther-Strife on January 04, 2013

    will you be making another one? but with scott getting to marry those females?

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  • From ANON - RWBY on November 29, 2012

    Fantastic one-shot! Being a recent Cyclops fan, reading this is a tremendous treat!

    Hope you'll write another one with maybe Abigail Brand and/or the real Sage and Storm added to the current mix. Or Laura/X-23.

    Thanks for the read!

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  • From ANON - Panther-Strife on November 18, 2012

    could you do a Scott harem story? hope you think it over? later

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  • From ANON - Ragnarok on October 11, 2012

    Incredibly erotic! Can we see a piece now on Emma's birthday party, as organized by Psylocke, maybe? It could lead to awesome things!

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  • From ANON - radiohead on September 02, 2012

    awesome! Hope you'll write another- maybe with the real Wanda and X-23 joining the fun this time!

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  • From lcm90 on December 05, 2011

    Once again, you created an excellent, raunchy fic. ;) I don't want to join the 'bring back Jean' wagon, but if you're considering writing another one, Jean could be an interesting addition in one of Emma's therapy sessions. Cyclops could go all out on Jean with no inhibitions, maybe borderline abuse (it wouldn't really be her, thus the fantasy play) that would consequently get Emma Frost off. Lots of possibilities.

    I look forward to more of your writing! I hope you continue.

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  • From salarta on October 10, 2011


    I must confess that I mostly only read the parts with Polaris, but what I read, I loved a lot. She doesn't get a lot of use, and when she does, it's not often it's something awesome like the setup here. I especially liked your using the newly established sister relationship between Lorna and Wanda, that needs to be explored a heck of a lot more.

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  • From MarvelMaster616 on October 08, 2011

    Wow! This was really something. I was so excited when I saw that this was a sequel to your previous fic. I can safely say that this one exceeded the other one in every possible way! You really went all out here, involving so many different women and using them in such creative ways. Psylocke was entertaining enough, but the way you used Rogue, Mystique, Wanda, and Polaris was just amazing on every level! Cyclops really got a workout if you can call it that. lol Emma seemed to enjoy herself as well as she so often does. However, I was a bit surprised that you didn't get Jean Grey involved. I know you seem to favor the Cyclops/Emma relationship, but keep in mind Emma did impersonate Jean in order to seduce him in the first place. Maybe for the next installment you could find a way to use her because you seem to have used every other X-woman. lol What about other Marvel women? Any chance they could show up to join the fun? Whatever you have planned, I can't wait to see it! You do these stories so well and I encourage you to keep on doing them! Again, great job. Until next time, take care and best wishes!


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  • From AgentGv01 on October 08, 2011

    I wasn't sure how you would top the last one but this certainly does, although I am surprised Jean wasn't actually involved in this. You'd think that one of his wives and loves of his life would be part of this since Pryor was in this. Hell Emma could use used a fake Jean as her own personal sex slave.

    But it does look like this will be more than just a one shot given how you left off and I really want to see what other women get involved in this, even real ones. I can see Rogue walking in and maybe going at it as she now can control her powers if this is more current.

    I also wonder how much more deviant things will get lol, you already had half-sisters going at it, maybe have a fake Rachel in this, or Mystique turning into Rachel while Scott fucks her to really make things unique lol. I really hope you continue this and see what else you do with this.

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