Reviews for Down to the Earth From the Promised Land

BY : Citizenjess

  • From ANON - originalceenote on August 20, 2011

    I've been dabbling in your Erik/Charles' goodies, and I've enjoyed almost all of them, since there are still a few I haven't hit quite yet. You have a reverence for these characters, you really delve into who they are and why they react to each other the way they do. I can see these two as having a loving, yet mutually punishing relationship, and somehow, that's a real turn-on...

    Good stuff. I've always wondered how Charles would work around his paralysis. I wrote a Charles/Ororo fic years ago out on Superstories that was total fluff, I know no one read it just by token of the pairing *which makes most people squick*, but I tried to work out how it would look in my head for a wheelchair-bound Charles to be intimate with anyone.

    Thanks for sharing your great stories.

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