Reviews for When You Were Young

BY : LestatWhore

  • From EroSennin on July 15, 2009

    God, I can't ever get enough Remy. Especially *your* Remy. He's adorbale, and sexy, and confident, and that cajun accent *kills* me. Vampire or not, he could convince me to do anything he wanted me to do! LOL. I adore the idea of him as a vampire, and as I said before, this story, these characters have a lot of story in them to tell. You have endless possibilties, you could do anything you want with them, and it would all be brilliant! I admit, I do have a hankering to see a bit of period action betwixt the two of them. Maybe a seperate one shot, or mayhaps, in the style of underworld, she can see flashes of Remy's life, from "back in the day" as she is changing? I dunno. I just know I love you, and you are awesome, and insanely talented, and I worship at the feet of your fiction!


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