Reviews for Best Frenemies

BY : OriginalCeenote

  • From Daye on March 04, 2021

    I'm sorry I didn't review this at time. It's a really great take on their dynamic. I love how Emma has to encourage Ororo to be selfish and take her own pleasure from the activity at the end.

    I'd love to see this cleaned up on AFF or reposted somewhere. :)

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  • From kyubiman on September 15, 2011

    Very nice. Any more on the way?

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  • From Raynee on February 06, 2009

    I liked this, it is so hard to find Emma/Ororo fics, I think this is like only the 4th I have found, and I have been looking all over for like ever, I hope you make this story part of a series or write more fics of this paring soon

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  • From zatanaslover on August 20, 2008

    Amazing! More, more!!

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