Reviews for New Avengers: Return of the Purple Man

BY : Sandman

  • From ANON - Agent-G on December 09, 2005

    Chapter 6

    Damn just got through it all but you REALLY need to fix chapter 4 you pasted the same chapter 3 seperate times in that one. Very cool take on Purple Man in this fic and what he does. Loved this one with Peter in a three way was kind of hoping he would have cummed in both women but that can be later. You know they don't have enough female members in the New Avengers kind of seems lopsided dosen't it? How about they decide to 'seduce' Carol Danver (whatever she's going by nowadays lol) and She-Hulk to help out?

    Plus I can see Spider-Woman's pherapones having an effect on the other male members of the group. But are you keeping that Sentry guy around? Personally I don't like his character he's just a running joke it seems lately. Plus he's never really around anyway on the team. One of the issues I have with that comic is how the teams are never really all there all the time. But I guess that will make this easier.

    You know for a sequel you could use Logan as a way in for him to get to the X-Men. Lots of members to screw over (literally) there lol.

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  • From SuperBang on December 07, 2005

    Love the Epilogue

    Can't wait for the next story arch.

    Oh, the places they may go...

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  • From ANON - Spidey Fan on November 29, 2005

    Wow cool you actually did it thanks. That was pretty cool scene too, very nice. Now I have to wonder how he'll take down the rest of the heroes or will he need a few others for backup? You know to help that and why stop at the Avengers? Why not go on from there or will that be another fic?

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  • From ANON - Spidey Fan on November 14, 2005

    Chapter 5

    Well I'm glad that you're not killing of Peter and Jessica is a very nice touch. Can I make a request? How about a nice Peter/MJ/Jessica moment with the three of them? THAT I would LOVE to see. I do wonder what happens next although I think they may have to kill Logan given his healing powers would make him immune.

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  • From SuperBang on November 08, 2005

    Sandman is a talented author and his prose format is quick and entertaining.

    More, more, more...

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  • From ANON - tenno on July 15, 2005

    This is the type of story I have been waiting for on here. I can't wait to read more. and other stories by you. Well written and sexy as Hell.

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  • From ANON - Jeff on May 18, 2005

    Story is pretty good but the depiction of the Purple Man's powers is a little off. From the story so far, Kilgrave's powers are like a gun to head - the person obeys but only because they don't have any choice. In most Marvel stories, Kilgrave's victims LOVE to please him - they may fight it for second or two but then they completely obey him as if it were the totally natural thing to do. Once a person is under Kilgrave's control, they don't even realize it is happening. A person will do anything he says without anger or fear since what is being asked of them is totally natural. A person will respond to Kilgrave's suggestion to jump out of moving car just as naturally as they would to a person asking them to pass the salt.

    In Alias, Jessica talked how great it felt being "in love" with Kilgrave. When he told you something, there was never any doubting that it was true or whether it was right or wrong. She talked about how good it felt at the time to know as a certainty whether something was right or wrong.

    When someone is affected by the Purple Man, they will stop midsentence and do anything he says without ever fighting - they don't even realize that he is attempting to control them. This is demonstrated in graphic novel where Doom takes over the world using the Purple Man's powers.

    Also, a person doesn't really turn into a zombie when they are under his control. They act just as naturally as ever - they just do whatever Kilgrave says.

    Good read so far - good luck!

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  • From ANON - Ophelia Umbriel on May 10, 2005

    I don't know if I count in the reviews, because I know what's coming up shortly, but my opinion is
    that it's a very good story and will become even more so.
    Don't feel discouraged, Sandman. Good stories take time to set up. I think by the time people finish reading chapter 2 or 3, they'll be hooked.
    (But if they're not, will you keep writing anyway so I can see how it ends?)

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