Reviews for Arcade's New Niche

BY : Masterdudemind

  • From ANON - Swartzwald on September 22, 2016

    I was wondering if you had considered doing a forced orgasm torment my victimof choice would be Tigra. I like what you're doing with her, it's more character development than marvel have given her since the early eighties.  So you know, tie her up realy tight, blindfold her maybe earplugs, them make her come several dozen times.  Maybe it's for more information?  Maybe a "cliet" is a little more subtle than usual, it's up to you.

    Really enjoying the story so far, keep it up!

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  • From AgentGv01 on June 21, 2016

    I was just thinking about this story this week and here we are with a new update lol, now that's timing. So we got Bonita this time and I liked the back and forth there of her past and the present. The only problem was that she was fully dressed when she arrived in that room and you never wrote her getting out of her costume. I think you forgot that part. Plus there was one spelling error in the line "Because having cu before Rafe" I take it you meant to spell 'cum before'.

    I was wondering about body modifications the lactation thing I can see being done. Have you thought about using his tech to temporarily turn them into a bimbo version of themselves? You know larger ass, breasts, lips when they wake up? I also forgot to mention back when you said you didn't think Arcade would make a 'day care' if the women got pregnant. Well I never intended for them to keep any offspring, I can see Arcade selling them to couples or worse groups like Hydra or AIM would love to get their hands on possible kids with powers in their genes to create new agents for their organizations. There is a history of that with like X23 and the original Spider-Woman (depending on which past of hers you follow that is)

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  • From Cedricus on October 27, 2015

    If you need suggestions:
    •Kidnap the jewish mutant Kitty Pryde and give her to a group of neo-nazis on her first day.
    •Breed Rahne with dogs/wolfs as punishment for something and sell the litter online after the whelping so she'll never see her puppies again.
    •X-23/Laura has a healing factor so go all out with her since she'll heal almost everything. Prolapse her anus and womb, insert hot steel needles into her nipples, put different animals inside her like snakes and leeches, plug her urethra after forcing her to be everyone's toilet for a weekend, force her under a tub of semen until she almost drowns(one of the few ways to kill her) and make her drink it all up, have a doctor operate out her ovaries with her eggs and sell them to the highest bidder or to experiment on while making her regrow them, make a horse rearrange her organs for awhile etc.
    •Kidnap Jean Grey and her future/alternate dimension daughter Rachel Summers. Hold a daily game or auction where the winner gets to try to impregnate Jean in front of her daughter. Once she's pregnant the winner/one who managed to do it gets to knock up Rachel as well and gets to decide what will be done with the daughters they're now expecting. Would suggest Mr. Sinister as the father.
    •Grab Magik and put her with the other ex-New Mutants.
    •Pick up the teenaged Spider-Gwen while she's swinging around on a surprise visit to this dimension and give her to Norman Osborn to do with as he pleases for a few days.
    •Take Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman and let everyone do as they want with them. Carol was pregnant once in the comics and Jessica is pregnant right now.
    •Force Ms. Marvel into serving the same customer Dust had as her first also only Kamala's body can take more.
    •Break Jessica Jones down to the point that she willingly whores herself out.

    Could probably come up with a ton more suggestions if I had time.

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  • From Redsliver on May 27, 2015

    Loved this Jolt chapter. The fear not paying off was mentioned by Dani some chapters back as being nearly bad as when it does pay off. I loved the LMD painting Jolt, really built up a good suspense based on all of your earlier chapters. I think this story really needed this, if only to seed a level of hope in the girls. Hope is such a weapon to wield against the girls. I like the idea that Arcade approving of this date because he felt it was time to build up Jolt again that she didn't have enough left to tear back down. I still go back to the first chapter where Arcade said "When I’ve shuffled off this mortal coil, I want people to say ‘Boy, I’m glad that twisted mother fucker is gone’.” This chapter reaffirms there is an end in sight. Of course, pairing that with Wrecker saying to Namorita "Is Namor somehow gonna change time so my little guy was never in your sweet pussy? Huh? Is he?" You form why this story is infinitely engaging to me.

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  • From swartzvald on May 24, 2015

    Ah, you decided to use my idea. And in a way I didn't expect. Kudos.

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  • From ANON - Doug on February 04, 2015

    Three years??, HELL, almost four years since I've read&/reviewed here, and only a few chps? Well, thats fair, as you got your first review from anyone back in 2004, my first one was in `05, and this is only now my 5th posting, to make it 61 in total??? We're all letting you down, dude.
    Now, instead, "Doc Shoc" might be their best chance to get a word out. What Hydroman pulled on Tigra was spot ON! Nice adjustments overall, we can see how you're banging out chps and fixing the logic on the fly, as it were. It works, mostly.
    Now, for some bad, Because you need it!
    Please, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! get a fucking -beta, please! Typos left and right, and some big enough to gag on! And concept-wise? Chp 15, bottom half. Can't you count???? Boomerang(1), Eel(2), Trapster(3), Chemistro(4), Blizzard(5). ` “Funny you should say that,” Hood smiled. With a snap of his fingers and a burst of light, the room was illuminated, and what the four saw shocked them.` F O U R ??
    As I said it before, I'm just a little sick for liking this fiction (and having rubbed another one out over the last handful of chps), but also remember WHY there are the gaps that exist in my postings. Please, for all the Lords of Hades, Get A BETA!!

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  • From AgentGv01 on December 01, 2014

    Well I didn't expect another chapter so soon, I guess you really got some inspiration which is nice, the only real complaint I got is that you never showed any sex in this chapter you cut away before which I felt was a major tease and I hate that. Also why is it that Arcade seems to only focus on Tigra? All the times he's been with a woman in this fic it's only been her. I would like to see him with someone else, maybe Namorita since she hasn't been used all that much in this story. Maybe something like he likes to pick one woman at random for the day as he uses her as his 'personal assistant'.

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  • From Redsliver on November 30, 2014

    I love your Arcade. There is no monster quite like him.

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  • From AgentGv01 on November 02, 2014

    well chapter 16, long wait but I think this was worth it as it was longer than the other recent chapters with a lot more of the mentality being shown which I think is a good touch. Like what she did to Rahne in the shower and what happened there makes sense to me. I don't know this Doc character but I couldn't find him so I guess he's someone you made up? But it does help explain how they are able to suddenly keep working given some of the things the women get put through. And it was nice seeing how Rahne was enjoying it as one of the few things she can enjoy and that line of 'can't take anything more but how she can still give something' was a good part.

    There were a couple of spelling mistakes but only a few that I noticed.

    The Tigra part was an interesting twist on I guess you can call it 'tentacle' sex, at first I thought it would be some kind of sea monster or something (which I guess can show up later) although the pill making her breath better, I think maybe convert oxygen in her lungs might make more sense. Kind of like having that liquid in your lungs from that movie The Abyss. We did finally see that Tigra is working and that even though she was tortured for the information she is getting deeper and deeper.

    I have to wonder if the next chapter we'll see Dagger's punishment to tell him which guard and maybe forcing her to kill him (even if it's just to push a button) I think the last time we saw Dagger you had her getting fisted by a woman while being ass fucked by a guy from Taskmaster's group. Since that was several hours ago we can see her going to her next 'appointment' (maybe after an hour rest) only to find herself doing something else on Arcade's order.

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  • From Redsliver on October 14, 2013

    The content of your story would normally scare me off. The darkness and viciousness get to me, especially Dagger's chapter. However there is a line in your first chapter that gripped me beyond nearly any other piece of fanfiction:

    "When I’ve shuffled off this mortal coil, I want people to say ‘Boy, I’m glad that twisted mother fucker is gone’.”

    This admission is amazing. Arcade's ambition is to be remembered and hated. He then has to prove himself to the reader. The more horrifying, the more imaginative, the more despicable, the better. And through you he shows himself to be a monster's monster.

    There is also an inherent promise in his statement. What he does to the women will be known. This gives the situation a dark sense of hope. I don't believe I could read a story about sexual slavery without that hope. However, rescue or release for these women is also a measure of Arcade's character and during his, however eventual, comeuppance his mark will be as permanent as the A he branded into his victims.

    I also love how Arcade is both a hands on threat and a background mastermind in the terror he rains upon his captives. It creates a bleak environment I quite enjoy exploring.

    Admittedly, I am a cartoon fan and was unfamiliar with many of your cast when I started reading this story. That said, I quite enjoyed using this story as the launching point to discovering more of the Marvel universe. I quite like the offshoot with the New Mutants as well.

    You have created a terrifying piece of work in such a creative and engaging way. I will devour any more if you choose to continue this.

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  • From AgentGv01 on January 31, 2013

    Not sure if you're taking ideas but how about a chapter that has one of them think that they are being rescued but it's all a lie to put them into a false sense of security? Maybe someone like the Camelion or Mastermind that messes with them making them think they were saved by a friend or friends like say other team members and just when they feel safe things turn into a nightmare as they turn on the person(s) that were 'rescued'? Maybe even pulling away to show them in a virtual world as one of Arcade's little ways of breaking them?

    Also I saw these images once of Tigra and Kraven the hunter not sure if he's alive or not in this universe but it gave me a thought of something you could use as you haven't done Tigra yet in the new chapters.

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  • From swartzvald on October 31, 2012

    Been following this for a long time, since it was first posted on grey arcive.
    This is just a thought but it seems like Arcade has personaly only fucked Tigra. Surprisingly good taste there, anyway can't see him not explioting her hydrophobia. Er, have you ever been to So, yeah. Could we see some of that?

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  • From AgentGv01 on June 19, 2011

    I'm not too sure if you're still taking ideas but if you are I might have a few. First off since Page, Maria and Bonita got pregnant they should still be able to produce milk from their breasts. You could have Arcade have them 'milked' daily for special milk drinks he could sell or make the others drink. Even for the next Rahne and Maria scene you could have the guards force Rahne to suck on her nipples until she gets milks and then place milking cones on the other girls tits. Maybe even for Rahne to fuck her with a strap on for their amusement.

    Maybe it could even give Arcade an idea to inject needles into all the women's breasts with a chemical that induces lactation so all have morning milking and he could degrade them by calling them cows during it.

    For Tigra, how about Craven the Hunter pays for a special hunt and mating. Not only that he wants a true hunters child and one with Tigra and his DNA he thinks would be great. So before Tigra is let loose he injects her with something that causes her body to be immediatly ready and he fucks her a few times to make sure she's pregnant since it only takes her 2 months to get pregnant from the comics apparently.

    I'm also wondering if you'll ever go back and extend on the scenes, like the Dani one where she's acting in front of a group, the women with Task Master , Doctor Octopus actually fucking Monet and Narmita. Like maybe he fucks one one his lap while he makes her watch as the other gets two large tentacles in both pussy and ass, etc. I think those scenes were a bit too short and could be extended a bit more if you ever get the time. Hell I'd help out if needed but this is your story after all and I can't wait for more.

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  • From ANON - Doug on March 31, 2011

    Its been a Looonnng time since I've reviewed this, though I have tried to keep up lately.
    Item 2: I have Not kept up with the Marvelverse so details from Civil War, Skrull invasion, zombies, Alot of the small stuff from the last several years I'm clusless about.

    Someone else has now brought up what might be a consequence of if anyone talks enough or even too much in the wrong place or time, and is overheard. Also, the writer has now offered the best 'chance' as I mentioned in other posts about any Heroes finding out about all this. How? That A.I.M. delivered Ant-man helmet. Way, way back Tony Stark dealt with finding out when his tech was in the wrong hands. Reed Richards (I believe, not sure) has shown more than a few times that safeguards are in place with his. Both Hank and more so with Janet, as her's have evolved With her instead of being just very complex nuts & bolts technology, are or Should be in-tune with those same wavelengths with that helmet. But.... turn that around.
    Janet is already a short cute thing in a little black dress, a pair of strappy stiletto heels and a couple baubles dangling from her slender right wrist as she walks from a function at the NY Historical Society, up Central Park West prior to cutting through the Park. Its twilight, the sun having set barely 5 minutes earlier. As she enters the Park she hears a woman's voice in distress, and being the Hero she is, charges in. Willing the change she has done for Years with one part of her mind, but her focus on a person evidently in danger, and following that sound into the trees. Just a few yards off the footpath and she realizes something Very odd. She hasn't changed, and try as she might it Still won't happen.
    She feels like.. she is being.. jammed? And such a smell; its formic acid. So strong. She collapses to her knees, its soo strong. She feels a sensation on her legs and across her shoulders. Its raining? Yes, its raining ants from the branches above. Something else in the air, it makes her dizzy. And... horny???
    And over the next twenty odd minutes she is teased and enticed and tormented in such a sweeet way.
    What is really humiliating though? A WNYW mobile camera crew caught the last 4 minutes or so.
    And broadcasted it LIVE.

    Our good writer could go either way, and I have said what should be done to Evil. As these other chps have been posted though, I've wondered what would happen to all those thugs, rapists, thieves and murderers if the girls Did somehow win their freedom. Someone else said their hero days Are over, whether from the emotional, spiritual, or any combination of the different Types of damage they have suffered, or from the fact they Would meet just one who had Had them in something mundane as missionary position.
    Think back. How Did Frank Castle get started. No, better, WHY?

    BTW Agent-G, please keep posting.

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  • From Drunken_Sailor on January 31, 2011

    So glad to see an update here. I love this story! Well-written, dark, and with some of my favorite heroines getting full attention. Thank you man, and please keep it up.

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